W/C 4th June 2018

This week in Oak class we have taken part in our whole school topic launch. Our topic for this half term is ‘Food Glorious Food’ and we got to do some cooking on Wednesday afternoon. We were given all the ingredients we needed to make a basic bread roll and then we chose different flavours to add to our bread rolls. The hall smelt amazing and we were all really excited to try them after we had finished!

W/C 14th May 2018

As it has been SATs week in school, we have been in class all week! The class have coped really well with having to be quiet and having a change of our timetable. We’ve enjoyed getting to go outdoors lots this week and have made our own ‘rainforest bottles’. We’ve discussed how once we’ve watered them once we won’t need to water them again and they will survive because of evaporation! The boys have been working really hard on their work on the rainforest and the water cycle.  

W/C 7th May 2018

This week in Oak class we have completed an experiment to see how plants grow! We have planted four lots of seeds and given them different requirements!

  • Given water & sunlight.
  • Given no water but given sunlight.
  • Given no sunlight but given water.
  • Given no water and no sunlight.
  • We have already made our predictions and some have started to grow already! We’re going to be reviewing them to see if our predictions are right!

W/C 22nd January 2018

This week in Oak class we have carried on learning our African topic. We all worked hard on our Science about African animals. We have also worked hard in our Computing lessons, coding our own games!