Fir Trees

W/C 30th April 2018

As part of the rainforest topic we were extremely lucky to be visited by some rainforest animals. The children and adults had a fantastic time and enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts and information.

W/C 7th May 2018

Maple class have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rainforest and have been studying the four different layers. As part of their learning they created their own mini rainforest bottles which included their own mini rainforest animals.

W/C 7th May 2018

Fir Class have been creating their own rainforest dioramas. Some were very keen to show how dark it is in the rainforest, whilst others were motivated to show the density of the vegetation. The idea of a canopy and an emergent layer came through at times too.  

W/C 14th May 2018

This week has been the dreaded year six SATs. The class have put in lots of effort and have participated in the test each day and have all tried their best. Our only expectation is that the children try their best and we have been proud of the efforts they have put in every day. Well done Elm class