W/C 19th March 2018

In ICT this half term the class have chosen a famous person as a focus and have produced an informative poster about them.  A key element of this was to ensure that the poster included facts and not opinion.  This proved challenge for some of the children as they chose famous people they are fans of and therefore their interest is opinion based.  The final posters came out brilliantly and the adaptation process throughout the creation ensured that the posters shared excellent information.

W/C 12th March 2018

Each week in school we have a coaching session with our visiting coach Cameroon.  The class have lots of fun playing games and learning new skills.  The games can become quite competitive and the children learn how to manage this challenging situation through shared experiences.  It is lovely to see the class support each other and want each other to be the best they can at each activity.  Well done.

W/C 5th March 2018

In design technology this half term we have been focusing on designs which are famous for their architecture.  These designs have brought the designers fame and have influenced the creation of other things in the world.  A great example of this is the designer of the Nike Air Max bubble in trainers who was influenced by a museum in Paris.  The children were amazed to look at designs and where they have transferred into other areas in life.  The class will now try and create some designs which will be created using famous styles and examples.

W/C 26th February 2018

In science this half term the class will be looking at forces.  We have started this by investigating gravity and how it affects the world.  The children made predictions about how quickly objects would fall if they were thrown from the staff room window.  Although the experiment was not a 100% fair test it introduced lots of discussion about the effect of gravity and how it works in relation to each object.  We had lots of fun watching the objects and the class were all expecting the egg which was thrown to break.  However it was a rubber egg and caught all the class by surprise.