W/C 25th June 2018

This week everyone in Cedar Class created their own sandwiches following individually written recipes and instructions, allowing us to practise algorithms, communication skills and sequencing. After writing the step by step instructions on how to make a sandwich, we used our chosen ingredients and identified equipment to make the sandwiches. We then had the opportunity to sample them and they were delicious! We had lots of fun and found it very interesting that everyone likes different things.  

W/C 18th June 2018

This week Cedar class enjoyed all that nature has to offer with Rebecca and her friend Gus, from the Forest School. The children, and the adults, worked together to produce artefacts from natural materials found around us. After introductions, everyone made an individual wooden pendant, decorated in a way significant to their personality. Rebecca then introduced everyone to some tools, which were used to create colourful Gandalf sticks. After safely stripping the sticks, with peelers, sandpaper and crafting knives to make them smooth, everyone decorated their sticks with wool and/or pens to make them bright and colourful. Cedar class had a lot of fun, with many of the children finding themselves experts in forest crafts.  

W/C 11th June 2018

This term in science our focus is States of Matter. Last week we started to look at how solids, liquids and gases were different. This week we moved on to investigating gases, we did this through conducting an experiment, we had three different types of fizzy drinks. First we had to weigh each fizzy drink, then shake it until it is flat and weigh it again. The difference between the two weights told us how much carbon dioxide is in each drink. We had to make our predictions before and write a conclusion after.  

W/C 4th June 2018

This term’s topic is Food Glorious Food. On Wednesday was our topic launch, we had The Kids Cookery School come to visit us. In groups everybody started by learning the importance of food hygiene and keeping safe in a kitchen. After that Fiona and Tristian took the children through the steps to make bread rolls and the children could add different ingredients if they wished. They had the choice of olives, sundried tomatoes, garlic and mixed herbs. The children were very interested in how to make the bread and really enjoyed this activity.