W/C 24th January 2019

Cedar maths have been learning how to use arrays for division and multiplication. They class have tried extremely hard. They can now use the method really well.

W/C 7th January 2019

This term our Topic is Horrible Histories, for our topic launch we had Derek from Viking Schools.com come in to tell us all about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. He showed us lots of weapons and other equipment they used. We were able to hold them all and find out how they were used.

W/C 10th December 2018

This week is RE week. Cedar’s focus has been angels and how they are used in the Christmas story. Cedar class have discussed what they think of angels and the different situations they are involved in. The main occasion Cedar discussed was Christmas and the role angels play in the birth of Jesus.

W/C 3rd December 2018

This week we have been working on balancing in P.E. We have had the apparatus out in the hall and the children have been doing different activities to work on their core strength to build there balancing skills.