W/C 2nd July 2018

This week in Aspen class we have continued to look at our topic; ‘Food, Glorious Food’ and have been lucky enough to visit a local Fruit and Vegetable Shop called Kenyons with Cedar class. The children learnt all about the process of how the fruit is transported to the shop, where different fruit and vegetables come from and how they are stored within the shop. The children especially enjoyed standing and looking at the produce in the fridge (especially in this hot weather!) The children were able to taste fruits and vegetables whilst in the shop and we bought a variety back to school and continued our tasting session there. The children particularly enjoyed passion fruit, pomegranate, paw paw and mango.

W/C 25th June 2016

We have had a very exciting week in Aspen class, as we were able to go on a trip to Elizabeth’s (a governor) farm and complete forest schools activities. The children enjoyed searching for treasure, bug hunting and we even saw a Red Kite bird nest. Some of them chose to make pendants, peel the bark off twigs to then colour in and decorate or make floor pictures with twigs and sticks. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon spent outside with nature all around us. The children were able to take home the things that they had made and any treasures that they had found to show you.  

W/C 11th June 2018

This week in Science we have enjoyed looking at how plants grow. We have learnt the process from planting a seed, germination to shoots growing. They are able to identify what seeds need in order to grow, and understand the process of photosynthesis. To link this to our topic of ‘Food, Glorious Food’ we have decided to plant runner beans, tomato plants and lettuces. The children dug the holes, made a supportive structure for the runner beans and compacted the plants with compost. The children had great fun completing this! We will be looking after the plants, giving them lots of water and hopefully we will be able to send them home our produce for you to enjoy at the end of term.  

W/C 11th September 2017

This week in Aspen we have started to look at our topic for this half term, Toys. The class have added to their display by creating dragon puppets in all different colours. Watch out for the fire breathing one!