23rd – 27th January 2017

This week we planted our garlic that would form a part of our Countryside Competition entry. We are hoping that the garlic will grow over the cold winter months, and be ready for harvesting in the summer!

16th – 20th January 2017

Sam brought his stick insects into class for show and tell this week. One was called Big Bob, and we all had a go at holding him. We discussed how stick insects are ‘asexual’ so can reproduce without a mate.

9th – 13th January 2017

Mr Padfield brought his grandfather’s war medals in to class this week, to share with the boys. It was really interesting to see them!

2nd - 6th January 2017

2nd – 6th January 2017

We have returned, full of mince pies, from our Christmas holidays. The first day back was our Resilience day. We looked at weebles and noted how they wobbled, but never fell down. We used them as a metaphor to describe how to ‘bounce back’ after a difficulty. We also started to learn about our new […]