W/C 18th September 2017

Maple and Oak class were extremely lucky this week as they visited Legoland to explore how gears and pulleys worked. When they arrived they went straight to their lesson where they were given the opportunity to use the Lego equipment to explore how they worked and to make a gear and pulley system themselves. All of the children were so well behaved and interested in the lesson that after lunch they had some time to have fun on some of the rides with the favourite being the Ninjago ride.

19th – 23rd September 2016

As part of the process of creating a class identity we have taken time to look at things we are good at as well as things we find challenging.  The class have taken the time to identify two things they are good at, two things they find difficult and two things they would like to change this year.  This involved lots of discussion and support for each other.  It was nice to see the boys offering each other ideas and backing up their thoughts with excellent justification.  All the boys took part very well and we made the ideas into a poster which they can look at to remember what they said.pic-19th-sept

12th -16th September 2016

An amazing first week in maple class was reinforce by the boys having the highest point’s average in school and winning the ‘Gold Bar’.  This is a great achievement in any week at school but to win the first one of the year is extra impressive.  This week our new topic has launched.  We will be looking at ‘Space’ this half term.  The boys are looking forward to the activities and there will be lots of creative work involved.  To start our topic the class have turned themselves into aliens using their portraits and we have put them on display.  The final outcomes were brilliant and the boys look different to their everyday look.  See what you think in the picture for this week. pic-12th-sept

5th – 9th September 2016

It is the first week back after six weeks off for the boys in Maple class.  All the class have settled very well and are gelling well as a class.  We have completed lots of team activities so that we can all get to know each other.  Very popular activities are ‘I went to the zoo and bought’ as well as ‘Don’t show Booth your tooth’.  The laughs we have shared have helped the boys to feel more relaxed in their new class.  To help the boys learn more about each other we created a poster which gives facts about themselves.  These are displayed outside the class and have collected lots of admiring glances from the other classes.  They are shown in the picture for this week. pic-5th-sept

21st – 25th September

This week in Science Maple Class have been looking at everyday objects and how we can categorise them. This allowed the children to discuss the uses and created a platform for future science where we can test the suitability for different purposes. 21.9.15

14th – 18th September

This week in Maple Class we have taken part in the schools Roman Day.  We learnt lots about the history of the Roman Empire.  We especially enjoyed making the fire and the bread, which was really tasty.  We ended the day with a giant battle on the field. 14.7

Maple 7th – 11th September 2015

This week in Maple we have started to look at Roman structures and how strong structures can be made of wood.  We visited Moors Valley to look at their objects and activities which are made of wood and had great fun exploring them.  The children climbed, jumped, looked and discussed all the activities and this will help when we start looking at Romans in Design Technology and art later in the term 7.9.15