W/C 16th October 2017

This week our year 6 children from across the school have been on an activity week.  Each day we have travelled to an outdoor education centre and taken part in some sports which we do not usually do at school.  We have tried a crate challenge where the group work in pairs to build a big tower.  The children all wanted to build the highest tower and it became competitive in a friendly way.  We have also got very wet paddle boarding and raft building.  The children have had a great week and are all very tired.  They have developed their existing and new friendships and have gelled as a class team.  Well done all of you for trying new activities and challenges.  Enjoy the half term break.  

W/C 9th October 2017

This week saw the culmination of our toys challenge as the school competed in the final competitions.  Elm class have planned and created some amazing models and each child has tackled the focus for each toy with great enthusiasm.  All the class were very proud of their final designs, although if we had a penny for each time they spotted something on someone else’s model they liked we would all be very rich.  By identifying the positives on other children’s models the children were able to complete a more thorough review of their final designs and have been able to identify changes they could make if they ever had the chance in the future.

31st October – 4th November 2016

This week began with our 2nd resilience day on the theme of belonging. Elm Class have also been finishing their rockets designed as part of the space topic and had their own ‘space race’. The rockets were all successful and the children have evaluated their final product. The class are now looking forward to their new topic of Around the World in 30 days.   week-1