13th – 17th July

It’s our final week in Cedar class. We celebrated by visiting Stonehenge on Monday. We drove to the visitor’s centre, then caught the shuttle bus to the stones. We learnt that they were placed by Stone Age Man over 5,000 years ago! The rocks were moved all the way from Wales. At the visitor’s centre we looked at some Stone Age round houses, similar to the type that the builders of Stonehenge would’ve lived in. They were very dark and smelt strongly of smoke. In the afternoon we create our own Stonehenge silhouette pictures, which we hope you enjoyed seeing when we took them home. 16.7.15

6th – 10th July

We have been continuing our DT project this week and have actually been baking some bread. We all used the same basic bread recipe, and then added extra ingredients to customise the bread, using our findings from last week. We made chocolate and pineapple bread, cheesy bread, chocolate bread and cheese and poppy seed bread. Some of use made loaves, and some of us chose to make rolls. Our finished product was delicious! We have also had our penultimate Forest Schools afternoon, and visited Linkenholt Outdoor Centre where we put the skills we have been learning at Forest Schools into practice! 9.7.15

29th June – 3rd July 2015

We have been having a DT (design technology) heavy week this week in Cedar Class. On Monday we learnt about how bread is made, and how farm technology has changed over time. On Tuesday we researched different types of bread to find out how they are made. In the afternoon we taste tested some different breads, to find out what qualities we liked. We made star diagrams of each type of bread so that our findings were easy to read and interpret. On Wednesday we designed our ideal bread, based on our findings. It turns out that cheese twists were the most popular bread that we tried. We ended the week by writing bread recipes for our own design of bread. We hope to share the finished product with you next week – fresh from the oven! 2.7.15