W/C 4th June 2018

This week was our new topic launch – Food The class were able to bake some fresh bread rolls, everyone really enjoyed this task. Some children added garlic, sundried tomatoes and herbs, some children just kept their rolls plain. The smell of these lovely rolls baking was all around the school.  

W/C 21st May 18

Our topic this term is The Rainforest and Beech class have had lots of fun making some dioramas. To do this the class ventured outside in the school grounds to collect leaves, twigs and some rocks to add to the effect of their dioramas. We then created some posters about the rainforest showing many different animals that live there.

W/C 8th January 2018

  Happy New Year! We have been busy this week getting back into school life. We have started our topic on Africa.   The children really enjoyed our assembly learning new facts about Africa, hearing an African story and learning an African dance when an African storyteller came in to see us.  

W/C 4th December 2017

Beech Weekly News Beech Class this week won the Gold Bar, which meant our class got to pick an envelope and we won hot chocolate and marshmallows. The boys really enjoyed this treat and are working hard to win the Gold Bar again. We have also won the Top Table award and will get milk shakes next week! We are learning our Christmas songs and now have our Christmas post box up and running for those children who have not yet already given out their Christmas cards.