22nd – 26th June

This week in Aspen we have been learning about the Stone Age and the Iron Age looking at how they lived and what life was like. We pretended to be Stone Age men and made our own paint using charcoal and oil and designed our own cave paintings. 4th week

15th – 19th June

This week in maths we have been looking at how many combinations we could make with a certain amount of coloured clothes. We enjoyed dressing up Fred the Frog to see how many there were. 3rd week

1st – 5th June

This week in Aspen class we had a visit from Mill Farm. We really enjoyed seeing and stroking lots of different animals and making flour and cheese. 1st week 2 1st week

8th – 12th June

This week for our topic in our class groups we got to cook some lovely treats, with Mr. Kew we made cheese and tomato tarts and some delicious chocolate swirl pastries. 2nd week