W/C 11th September 2017

This week in Aspen we have started to look at our topic for this half term, Toys. The class have added to their display by creating dragon puppets in all different colours. Watch out for the fire breathing one!

21st – 25th September

We have been practicing our accurate counting skills this week in Aspen class. Once we had mastered the basics, we progressed on to addition and subtraction number sentences. We used counters and 100 squares to help us. We have also been learning about Roman Gladiators, and comparing their lives to those of Roman soldiers. 24.9.15

14th – 18th September 2015

We had a visit from some Roman soldiers on Tuesday. They taught us how to defend the troops using a ‘tortoise’ battle formation. They then attacked us using foam javelins! Afterwards we cooked some bread around a camp fire. It tasted delicious. 17.9.15

Aspen 7th – 11th September 2015

This week we have been talking about our emotions and feelings. We looked at Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream and discussed what the figure might be feeling, and why. Then we created a class feelings board, so that we could show the adults in the room how we are feeling at different times of the day. 11.9.15

Aspen 1st – 4th September 2015

We have had a wonderful first week, getting to know each other in Aspen class. We have enjoyed creating some cartoon-style self portraits. We traced the main features from photographs of us, and used mirrors to add realistic colours. We hope you like our finished portraits. Can you guess which one your son is…? 4.8.15